Transitions: Using breath, movement and connection to navigate new waters and find your footing

by Cortney Seltman, Forward Wellness Intern Happy Back-to-School season! In my house, we’ve got three kids heading to three different new schools, and I’m starting the fourth and final year of my master’s degree and adding a new internship site. Buckle up, kids, away we go. Even if you or someone in your family is not heading to school this...[ read more ]

Pregnancy Loss

The statistics on Pregnancy Loss in the US are not pretty. 1 in 4 families do not get to hold their babies while they take their first breath. The statistics with a full-term pregnancy loss (or stillbirth) is not much better with a 1% statistic for all pregnancies. The likelihood of not knowing the reason for the death is around...[ read more ]

Victim Blaming and Suicide

Oh words. A mom with three young kids jumped off a bridge in Pittsburgh ending her life two nights ago.  She left the kids in the car, ages 1-9. So here is the thing:  This is maternal mortality.  This was potentially PREVENTABLE maternal mortality. This is ONE of the high stakes of not taking care of our birthing people.  The...[ read more ]

But WHY?

I feel like we have a systemic issue where no one is differentiating from fact, research, opinion and experience. We are too busy preaching ‘facts’ that are not facts, but rather research, opinion, or experience.  OR We are arguing against someone’s perceived ‘facts’.  We do not get the whole picture. ​ These are four very different meanings. Facts: Google defines fact...[ read more ]

Perinatal Mental Health – Let’s talk about it!

This is week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.  The social media campaign that started today through The Blue Dot Project is asking moms to post on social media about #realmotherhood. You know, talking about the reality that we all yell more than we are willing to admit.  We all think we are doing something wrong.  We all want the best for...[ read more ]

What Exactly is a “Traumatic Childbirth” and Why Do We Care?

In this post, I am referring to psychological trauma and not necessarily physical trauma.  Though physical trauma can also hold psychological trauma.  First some simple statistics according to PATTCh (Prevention and Treatment for Traumatic Childbirth) 25 – 34 % of women reported their births were traumatic.  While the percentage that then develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is between 1.5...[ read more ]

Navigating Resilience with Self-Compassion After a Death or Trauma

A few months back I finally got around to reading 'Option B' by Sheryl Sandburg and Adam Grant. It was a book that numerous people suggest I read and said they would be interested in hearing my thoughts.  Ultimately, I think if everyone read it - but be warned there are a lot of trigger warnings (so maybe read this...[ read more ]

Seven Things to Say to a Grieving Mother.

This is a question I respond to regularly, due to my personal and professional connection to the topic.  Just last week I received an email and follow up frantic text from a mentor asking for words.  Words to give a group of young mothers, to help them support a mother whose baby had died unexpectedly.  After some of my own...[ read more ]

You don’t HAVE to believe everything you think.

When navigating depression or anxiety loops (those thought patterns that we tend to go back to), it is good to remember that we don’t have to believe everything we think. ​ Our loops tend to go pretty dark, pretty fast: “You never do anything right.” “You are a failure.” “You are too sensitive.” “No one likes you.” “What’s the point,...[ read more ]

Nine steps to navigating your anxiety loop.

I feel like I am often on repeat when talking about the cycle of anxiety – so I figured, why not share my white board with everyone else to benefit as well.  Here are a few [snapshot] steps to managing and accepting your anxiety. Figure out where you feel your anxiety.  Anxiety is a physical energy that manifest in some...[ read more ]

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