Feeling The (Dark) Season

Over the past year, mental health has been examined more closely and discussed as a "buzzword" given our current circumstances. Many people with preexisting mental health conditions have expressed concerns regarding increase in presenting symptoms due to the pandemic. For those who have struggled with "SAD" or Seasonal Affective Disorder, this year has taken on a whole new layer of...[ read more ]

Nurturing over Productivity: 10 Ideas to Survive a Quarantine

I am just going to ramble a few things I notice talking about on repeat. Take it or leave it. Thoughts from a trauma and grief therapist: 1. This feeling is called anticipatory grief or trauma. We are in this survival place that feels surreal. We have already experienced a massive shift to our lives, and we are WAITING for the...[ read more ]

COVID-19 Resources

We understand that our community is deeply impacted by the uncertainty and fear around COVID-19 and the secondary losses. We have compiled a short list of resources you may find helpful. Remember, if you are in need of professional support, please reach out. Telehealth is an option during this time. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and covid-19 (5-minute video on YouTube) Virus anxiety...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Her: a guide for the loved ones of women experiencing infertility/pregnancy loss

I just dropped off my five-year-old son at preschool, but there was a time when I thought I might not ever find my way to motherhood. I had multiple miscarriages, each one fresh devastation, each one further isolating me from friends and family. It seemed that no matter how I tried, I could not experience real connection with many of...[ read more ]

Meet Michelle Mounts, a new therapist at Forward Wellness, offering teletherapy.

My name is Michelle Mounts, and I’m a new clinician at Forward Wellness. I am a PA-licensed LSW, and I also have a BC-TMH (those letters stand for Board Certified-TeleMental Health provider). I want to take a moment to describe to you what I will be offering at Forward Wellness and, I hope, answer questions you have about the service....[ read more ]

Checking In and Checking Out

This past week, The University of Pittsburgh released its research on racial and gender inequalities.…. everything is on fire! From my group chats, to news-outlets, social media, national radio stations, and of course the blogs-EVERYONE is chiming in. Should you be listening? NOW HEAR ME OUT. I’m not here to silence anyone or demean their efforts. I am more focused...[ read more ]

Dad’s Matter Too.

I don't know how to talk about dads without someone making assumptions about who I am. I am quite firmly in the middle of this #metoo movement, equal rights and pay for all, with the intersectional feminism force. I focus deeply on the need to support new families that in a way, our society is failing. I support all types...[ read more ]

Finding Space

“Sometimes just being yourself is the radical act. When you occupy space in systems, that weren’t built for you, your authenticity is your activism.” -Elaine Welteroth Finding Space “I can’t make this stuff up.”  Since my entry into the “grown-up” world, the working professional world, this has become a common statement amongst colleagues, friends, family members and even mentors. There...[ read more ]

Transitions: Using breath, movement and connection to navigate new waters and find your footing

by Cortney Seltman, Forward Wellness Intern Happy Back-to-School season! In my house, we’ve got three kids heading to three different new schools, and I’m starting the fourth and final year of my master’s degree and adding a new internship site. Buckle up, kids, away we go. Even if you or someone in your family is not heading to school this...[ read more ]

Pregnancy Loss

The statistics on Pregnancy Loss in the US are not pretty. 1 in 4 families do not get to hold their babies while they take their first breath. The statistics with a full-term pregnancy loss (or stillbirth) is not much better with a 1% statistic for all pregnancies. The likelihood of not knowing the reason for the death is around...[ read more ]

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