Birth Story Healing Circle

Birth Story Healing Circle Flier

** Did your childbirth experience not go to ‘plan’?**
** Do you find your mind occupied with thoughts on what you could have done differently?**
** Do you notice you are often angry at your partner or support people?**
** Do you find yourself preoccupied with distractions that you can control??**

Birth Story Healing Circle Group is recruiting for our next start date – Scheduling a screening call today!

This event is for birth parents who experienced a challenging and scary birth experience and:
– struggle to sleep when the baby sleeps
– feel preoccupied with scary thoughts or ideas
– spend a lot of time and energy keeping everyone safe and the house clean
– feel guilty or inadequate and want to feel like themselves again

What you will get:
+ the ability and strength to tell your story without fear
+ renewed energy to do the things you want to do
+ supports for you to connect with baby and partners on a deeper level
+ tools to find peace with how your kiddo was brought into the world
+ empowerment to not fear birthdays
We will help you heal.

*Six sessions in the series
*Runs 6:30p – 8:00p – every OTHER week for 12 weeks
*Located at 510 Third Ave, Downtown Pittsburgh, 15219
* Most insurance is accepted, a reimbursable deposit is required.  $40/session without insurance
* Limited number of slots (only 8 spots available)
* If you are not yet comfortable, you don’t need to share your story first session. Just being with other moms who get it and taking in the information will be worth it.
* Babies in arms are welcome, but not mandated (some prefer not to have babies with them – toddlers will not be allowed but the group is also for birth parents of older kids).

Pre-registration and screening is required.

Contact Today

510 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

6507 Wilkins Ave, #108
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 660-6100

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