Challenging or Traumatic Childbirth

Sometimes life does not go as planned.
Sometimes life goes terribly wrong.
Sometimes birth does not go as planned.
Sometimes birth goes terribly, terrible, wrong.

From the PATTCH website:  If a woman experiences or perceives that she and/or her baby were in danger of injury or death to during childbirth, her birth is defined as traumatic  –psychologically, physically, or both. Usually, she experiences extreme sense of helplessness, isolation, lack of care, fear, and anxiety (Beck, 2004a). Traumatic childbirth occurs in as many as 25 – 34 per cent of all births. Approximately one-third of those women may develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We have been there.  We can help you through the trauma to be the parent you want to be.  You do not need to suffer alone.

Sometimes a healthy baby really is NOT the only thing that matters.

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Resources online:
Postpartum Support International
Red Tent Collective: Clearing Birth Trauma & Fear-Release for Childbirth Preparation
Unfold Your Wings ~ Raising Awareness of Birth Trauma & PTSD

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