Checking In and Checking Out

This past week, The University of Pittsburgh released its research on racial and gender inequalities.…. everything is on fire! From my group chats, to news-outlets, social media, national radio stations, and of course the blogs-EVERYONE is chiming in. Should you be listening?

NOW HEAR ME OUT. I’m not here to silence anyone or demean their efforts. I am more focused on each individual’s ability to mentally, emotionally and spiritually handle the load. We are in the age of overload, so many things coming so fast to the palm of our hands. I wonder how many people have the ability to determine, “Is this what I should be reading right now? Can I handle what the writer (and commenters) has to say? How will what I consume affect me in the minutes, hours and even days following it?”

As a human living in the age of our United States First Amendment, held up high, on multiple platforms (i.e. Facebook, IG, Twitter….), while also practicing as a mental health professional, here are some things I would like us all to consider:

Before Reading

– Most of us are familiar with terms like, “click bait” and more recent “alternative facts”. Before diving face first, ask yourself, “what is the intention of the writer and what can I gain from reading this”?

– Jodie Hnatkovich’s August Blog, “But Why”, gives a great break down of: what is fact, versus research, opinion, and experience to better assist with answering those questions.

-Is this a topic that I can currently tackle without compromising myself intellectually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

Before engaging with others on the issues/topic, ask yourself:

-What is the purpose/intention of my comments/engagement?

-Can I handle the freedom of others to engage at their will?

-What is the long-term effect and impact of my actions?

As a reminder, just because you do not read, watch, listen or engage does not mean these issues go away. I’m not here to suggest we all lose our sense of object permanence, because what’s often out of sight may not be out of mind, with the power to still affect you gravely. I am simply suggesting we begin to take a step back and think of our own mental, emotional and spiritual health before indulging in the wormholes of posting, sharing and commenting (of all forms/platforms).

As someone who is also uniquely me and human, I will be working on these practices myself. Please join me,


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