Clinical Supervision

Jodie Hnatkovich and Jennifer Sorby offer clinical supervision for clinicians seeking licensure for Professional Counseling and Clinical Social Work in Pennsylvania.

Jen offers individual supervision for LSWs seeking their clinical licensure.  She has a rate of $50 per hour.  If you are interested in working with Jen, please email her directly at

Jodie had a group that meets bi-weekly at Forward Wellness.  The group supervision is used to supplement individual supervision hours (only half supervision hours can be provided through a group setting according to the board rules for licensure).  Individual supervision hours can be provided by an outside provider or may be accommodated here as well.

About Jodie’e group:
We restarted our group back in May 2017.  We had a supervision group previously but that cohort either received their license, moved out of state, or moved to more part-time individual supervision.  The current group meets for two hours every other week on Friday afternoons.

The criteria for group includes clinician working in a setting that counts towards clinical hours.

Group supervision sessions are structured.  They involve choosing a topic (or theory) to discus each month and discussing the topic via journal article and dynamic discussion.  Group members also present a case study.  Though, each clinician may have specialty areas, a wide range of topics will be discussed.  

Fees: Payment is due at the first of the month for the upcoming month. Group sessions are billed at a $40/hr fee rate.

Next steps would be for us to meet up to determine if our styles will mesh and to discuss your goals or where you are at with your licensure at this point.

The group has an open ‘enrollment’ – meaning others can join in after it has started.

510 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

6507 Wilkins Ave, #108
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 660-6100

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