Liana Martina Maneese – Counseling Intern

(she/her/hers) or (they/their/them)

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
– James Baldwin

I am a creative, a historian, and an identity navigation specialist. I am passionate about mental health, justice, relationships, and identity. I am finishing my MA in Clinical Mental Health and Applied Psychology at Antioch. I like to take big picture societal and systemic issues and ground them down to our everyday experience. I believe that building strong, equitable, and informed relationships, with ourselves first, can begin to shift toxic societal narratives that have created cycles of trauma and suffering for far too long.


Familial Mental Health: The body is the root of life’s greatest gifts and greatest suffering. I am an emotional doula of birth, loss, harmful familial systems, and what’s in between, grief, couples/relationship, existential crises, and future planning.
Mood and brain disorders: Issues such as depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD and other challenges that can make it hard for one to be productive or feel like their best selves and manage emotions. These issues also effect those who care for love and support people with a mood or brain disorder and it is important to support everyone holistically. This often includes challenges with work life balance, career, communication skills and creating a sustainable, shame-free, organized life.
Identity – race, gender, intergenerational and sexual trauma: Many of us do not realize that systems of oppression can play a large role in our day to day experiences and how we cope and interpret our place in it all. I call this identity navigation. This can look like issues around body image /self-esteem /weight inclusive wellness, interracial relationships, adoption, immigrant identity, decolonial sexuality, and anything related to one’s identity.

How I Can Help

I work through a lens of structural oppression, racial formation, and intersectional feminist theories while implementing a wide range of techniques based on client need. Through radical acceptance, understanding vulnerability, stress management, mindfulness, work-life balance, anti-oppression based psychoeducation, DBT, and building strong boundaries – just to name a few – we can begin the practice of finding, resilience, healing, pleasure, and joy in our lives.

More About Me

I am a transracially internationally adopted person who identifies as an Afro-Brazilian, Black American Cis Queer Adoptee. I founded The Good Peoples Group’s Center on Interracial Relationships years ago where I have taught for many years. I love to study and am a total nerd. I read, listen to audiobooks, read cookbooks- then cook – and enjoy art and being creative myself in my spare time. I like to travel as often as I am able. I love all creatures and have an awesome little 9lb Mini-pin named Sasquatch.
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Cost for Services: $50-85
Insurance Accepted: All as out-of-network benefits
Payment modalities: Cash, Check, Credit Card, HSA/FSA Cards

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