Lillian Davis

Provisional Therapist

(She, her, hers)

I am a recent graduate of University of Pittsburgh with a Master’s in Social Work and Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies.  My passion for people and our wonderful intricacies brought me into the world of therapy.  I love helping people explore all the complex puzzle pieces that comprise our inner selves.

My Specialties:

Transitions- Our lived experiences are comprised of growth and transitions.  Transitions can feel overwhelming and scary, but also bring a new sense of freedom and connection to our true selves.  Together, we will begin to explore and navigate this bundle of emotions and lean into our fears.

Boundaries- What are healthy boundaries?  Where are they missing in our lives?  Why are we afraid of creating boundaries? Establishing healthy boundaries both for our inner selves and with our communities can be very difficult.  We are often afraid of losing people if we create boundaries in our relationships. At the same time, health boundaries allow us to love and care for ourselves on deep level.

Communication- What is our true voice?  Are being silenced?  True authentic communication is the groundwork for our own self-love and our ability to connect with others.  With all of the messages that we receive from birth, our voices can become lost or dampened.  By locating our voice, nurturing it and giving it power, we are able to learn about our own communication styles and how to foster healthy relationships.

How I can help:

We begin wherever you are.  First we examine the most important relationship in your life, the one you have with yourself.  How do you enrichen this relationship through inner work?  What holds you back from expressing and feeling love for yourself?  How is this relationship supported or hurt by relationships with other people, interactions with your community, your job? How do we put limitations on ourselves?  How do we heal?  Are we giving power to past pain?   Are we stuck with past regrets and pain out of fear of moving forward? 

My therapeutic approach is holistic, using elements of mindfulness, psychodynamic theories, art therapy, body awareness and feminist approaches.  I believe that it is vital to gain a deep ecological view of ourselves and how societal norms and structures create oppression and stop us from living as our authentic selves.

More About Me:

Before moving to Pittsburgh, I lived all over the world working with children and families in a variety of settings.  I love traveling, hiking, cooking, experimenting with gluten free baking, gardening and yoga.

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