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She, Her, Hers

“Isn’t it marvelous to discover that you’re the one you’ve been waiting for? That you are your own freedom?” -Byron Katie, Loving What Is

Do you feel stuck in patterns that do not serve you or impaired by trauma? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or other sources of psychological distress? Have you experienced infertility and pregnancy loss? During pregnancy and motherhood, has your mental health worried you? Perhaps your ideal work life eludes you, or your relationships are not fulfilling. Perhaps you find middle-age challenging. Maybe you are caring for an aging parent or entering late-life yourself, reflecting on what was and what can now be. Throughout this journey, stress and conflict can block the path to your best life. I would like to help you find the healing and fulfillment that can grow out of pain and striving. Our goal will be to create a trusting relationship and a space where you can express yourself freely. I will integrate various therapeutic modes to address your specific needs and preferences. I am a warm and empathic listener. I’m also able to help you confront your most deeply rooted problems with boldness and clarity.

Who / What I Support:

Infertility and pregnancy loss:

I am certified in Infertility for Mental Health Professionals by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and Perinatal Loss and Grief by the Seleni Institute of NYC. My specialty in infertility and pregnancy loss comes by way of my own life experience with recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), fertility treatments, and pregnancy via treatment. I mention this because it was important to me, at the time, to receive therapy from someone who was not only a trained clinician but also a woman who had experienced firsthand the unfulfilled yearning for a child. If you are struggling to create the family you envision, you might be facing anxiety, depression, or complicated grief, among other issues, while feeling isolated from the people who have supported you in the past. I am here to listen to every detail you want to share, to be that person you can talk to. Perhaps you want to explore the psychological realities of fertility treatments, adoption, or a child-free life. If you have had, or are facing, a miscarriage or stillbirth, I am here to give you the support you need, and sensitive guidance.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs):

I am certified in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) by the Seleni Institute of NYC. For many years now, Postpartum Depression (PPD) has been the most well-known (if largely misunderstood) maternal mental health issue. We now know that there is a wide range of disorders associated with the perinatal timeframe, including perinatal Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Postpartum Psychosis. We are entering a perinatal mental health revolution, one in which practitioners are more able to treat women according to their real symptoms, not according to an outdated set of criteria. I am here to help you discern what it is you are going through, and to provide treatment that is based on the latest research.

Sandwich Generation:

I have been a therapist to homebound older adults and their adult-child caregivers, and I have worked as a staff social worker and therapist at a nursing home. Many adult children who are caregivers to their aging parents also have children of their own, and they feel “sandwiched” between the needs of their parents and the needs of their kids. They are continually fulfilling others’ needs before they attend to their own. If this sounds like you, you are no doubt overwhelmed by the idea of fitting therapy into your already overloaded schedule of tasks. I am hoping that teletherapy will provide a way for you to take care of yourself without adding to your stress. Together we can discuss self-care and explore the dynamics between you and your dependents. Perhaps you need to talk about your career that has been sidetracked, the art you wish you were making, the problems you are having with your partner-every aspect of your life is impacted by being in the middle of the sandwich, and I am here to help you reclaim your identity and thrive inside this challenging life role.

How I Help

When I meet you, the first questions I will ask myself are: Who is s/he? Where is s/he emotionally? What does s/he need? My first job is to take in your unique personality and needs. My overall approach is humanistic, grounded in positive regard for my clients and empathic listening (see Carl Rogers), but I also dip into psychodynamic techniques to consider how past events affect your present-day patterns. Mindfulness techniques, narrative therapy, creative arts therapies, strengths- and solutions-based therapies, CBT, DBT, and ACT are also in my toolbox. No matter which path we take, I will strive to create a non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely. I will encourage you to tell me how you feel about me and the therapy as we go along.

I hold a BC-TMH, which means I am Board-Certified in TeleMental Health, uniquely trained in nationally established best practices for delivering traditional psychotherapy/counseling through technological means. All of our sessions will take place via private video calls. Please see @Teletherapy page of this website for detailed information.

More about Me

I love to write, and I’m a passionate reader. In my previous life, I earned an MFA and was a writer and magazine and book editor in NYC. I also enjoy writing songs, singing, and playing guitar, which I do with my husband and little boy in our home music studio. The three of us like to take short trips, go on hikes, and make wild art. These days we are soaking up the joys of our new neighborhood and community. For self-care, I do yoga, make doughnuts, visit friends’ porches, plant wildflowers, watch excellent television, and wake up early to do the writing exercises and tasks in _The Artist’s Way_. I love to snorkel in coral reefs and bike through cities whenever I can, and I enjoy deeply connecting with friends and family more than anything.

Cost for Services: $50-85
Insurance Accepted: UPMC
Payment modalities: Check, Credit Card, HSA/FSA Cards
**We will gladly bill all out of network claims to insurance companies not listed above, reach out to learn more about these benefits.

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