Pregnancy Loss

The statistics on Pregnancy Loss in the US are not pretty.

1 in 4 families do not get to hold their babies while they take their first breath.

The statistics with a full-term pregnancy loss (or stillbirth) is not much better with a 1% statistic for all pregnancies.
The likelihood of not knowing the reason for the death is around 70%.
The chance of depression, anxiety or PTSD is HIGH for mothers and FATHERS.
The rate of divorce after the death of a child is about 90%.

You do not need to suffer alone.
This is not your fault and you are not to blame.

Please reach out if you need help navigating the grief process. Please reach out if you are having nightmares, avoiding activities, having trouble navigating your daily life and demands. Some of this is total NORMAL with the grief process – but there is no need to suffer alone.

Couples grieve differently. Individuals grieve differently. I want to help you find connection and support with your partner during, potentially, the worst time in your life.

There is hope. There is recovery. There is survival.
I know.

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Resources for the Pittsburgh area and online:

Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas and their resource lists:
Return to Zero: Hope –
Star Legacy Foundation –

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