Virginia Wendt, MSCP, LPC

(She/ Her/ Hers)

“It’s tiring to have to hide who you are. Everyone should be able to say who they are as a person.”

Oliver Baker, filmmaker

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 8 years of experience working in community mental health, including 3 years as a psychotherapist. I work with people around all kinds of issues, as everyone has their own story and unique life experiences. This often includes major life transitions, various challenges in relationships, self-exploration and identity work, experiencing shame and self-doubt, feelings of depression, struggles with body image, exploring sexuality, and much more.
I believe that when we’re able to live as authentically, honestly, and purposefully as we can, we feel more satisfaction, connection, and peace. I believe that self-knowledge and self-compassion are powerful and necessary tools for growth, and that how we make meaning—of our lives, relationships, and the world—is deeply connected to our ability to live a fulfilling life.


  • I have training and experience working with those who have experienced trauma, including sexual assault/abuse, intimate partner violence, and traumatic loss. These and other challenging life experiences are often devastating; yet I believe that a supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship provides space to bravely confront and understand how trauma impacts us, and how we can find healing and hope in the process.
  • I enjoy working with members of the LGBTQIA community, with a special focus on providing counseling to trans and gender non-conforming clients. I provide a safe, affirming space to explore all facets of gender identity and expression to support you on your path to living authentically, whatever that may be for you.
  • I believe that healthy boundaries and communication are fundamental tools for living a fulfilling life. Boundaries are rooted in self-worth and self-acceptance, and help us to advocate for our needs. Effective communication helps us create and sustain healthy relationships that enrich and support our lives. I’m skilled at helping clients explore and grow in this area.

How I can Help

My approach is grounded in building a genuine and compassionate relationship with each client, and I excel in creating a safe, non-judgmental space to explore all of life’s experiences. I expect that my client and I will work together collaboratively, identifying goals and building on their inherent strengths. With empathy and humility for the complexity of life’s challenges, I strive to foster an openness that allows for genuine curiosity around who we are, how we got here, and where we want to go.

I’m guided by feminist, person-centered principles that prioritize discussing how power, oppression, and intersecting identities play a role in our lives, as well as within our relationship as client and therapist. I continually work on recognizing and confronting the biases and assumptions I bring to my work.

I am trauma-informed and often use mindfulness-based interventions, narrative and CBT tools, metaphor, existential reflection, and humor. I’ll work with you to tailor my approach to best meet your needs, and if something is outside of my scope of practice, I will tell you immediately.

More About Me

I enjoy cooking, listening to live music, traveling, growing plants indoors and out, finding clever ways to reuse/recycle anything, and spending time with the people I love. I believe strongly in volunteering and have worked in such areas as adult literacy, grief counseling, and youth mentorship. I also have a goal to visit every National Park!

Cost for Services: $90-$130
Insurance Accepted: UPMC, Highmark, BCBC, Aetna, Cigna, United / Optum
Payment modalities: Cash, Check, Credit Card, HSA/FSA Cards

510 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

6507 Wilkins Ave, #108
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(412) 660-6100

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