​Congratulations on taking the first step towards finding the peace you seek!

Therapy is one of the best gift you can possibly give to yourself. How often do you really reflect on your life, relationships, and behaviors (and with someone ready to offer supportive, conscious feedback? Together in therapy, we will work towards discovering your ultimate life goals and what motivates your life choices. We will then work towards modifying unwanted behaviors or thoughts (hopelessness, anxiety, lack of motivation, constant arguing) by redirecting and challenging internal motivators.

As we move through our life, the unchanging factor is: Life Happens. We experience joyous transitions such as moving states, getting married, or bringing that new baby home – OR life brings us a painful loss including the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a chronic life-changing diagnosis. All change has the ability to bring high levels of stress which has us feeling out of control (and then add ALL the other contributing factors and we could have a spiral). In our work together, we will sort through the overwhelming emotions that come with each transition.

It is not the amount of darkness that matters, but how you stand in that darkness

Forward Wellness is located in Downtown Pittsburgh PA (with an off shoot office in Squirrel Hill).
​Our clinicians are here to help you find the contentment you seek in your life. Please spend some time reviewing the individual pages as we each have unique specialties – though we have a focus of supporting all people and families to access quality mental health care.


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About Forward Wellness

At Forward Wellness we strive to support all people and families to access quality mental health care. We want to reduce the stigma of mental health care while increasing access to information with a socially conscious mind.
-We believe growth is a human condition.

-We believe growth occurs through self-reflection and is an act of personal liberation

-We believe moving through discomfort to transformation is magnificent and as therapists, we are honored to be a witness.

-We believe there is no one correct way to heal and each of us has a unique story, thus each client deserves a flexible, unique and personal therapeutic experience.

None of us can grow in isolation – we all grow together

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